Wednesday, 9 June 2010

wow,i did it

ok.diz is my 1st post even i've made this blog a long long time's not that i'm not interested in blogging but i dun know how is like flinstone about internet.but,living in an IT world and doesn't have any knowledge about it is unique or should i call 'antique'.haha.what use having so much intelligent while i'm the only one who is not?it's more like one in a,having so much knowledge in IT is not very important as long as i'm happy with my own life.just to tell u the truth.i kind of didn't like working with machine eventhough i am now.but i didn't say i hate it.i love it somehow in some things like connecting with others and bla bla bla.fine!just to be honest. the biggest reason i kind-of-didn't-like internet is that i really lack of knowledge and never help myself to be good at it.that's why i kind-of-didn',i won't blame the internet because of it's complicated usage but just blame myself.haha.moral of the story;just dun blame others because of your own weakness.
*sorry for my broken english which i still working on it.
made by;mrs.hussy munchkin